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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated to any agent?

No. We are totally independent of any agents and act solely on your behalf.

Do the written reports comply with the current Australian Standards?

Our reports comply with and sometimes exceed current Australian Standards 4349.0 2007 Inspections of buildings–General requirements and 4349.1 2007 Inspections of Buildings. – Pre-purchase inspections–residential buildings, and the Australian Building Codes.

Do you complete all the inspections yourself?

Yes. We complete all inspections ourselves – we bring two pairs of eyes to each inspection. We do not sub–contract out work to a third party. As director of the company, it is my reputation and license that are on the line.

Who Arranges the Inspection?

We contact the person holding the keys – in the case on an existing building – usually the real estate agent. We arrange access at a time suitable to all parties. In the case of stages building reports we contact the builder on your behalf and arrange access – usually with the building supervisor.

Do you get into the roof space and the sub-floor?

Yes, where adequate roof access is available. There may be limited access to areas where air conditioning ducts are installed or in the low pitch of the roof space. We also traverse onto the roof, only where and when it is safe to do so. The sub floor space will be inspected when there is under–floor access – mainly through floor traps. We do not remove floor boards to gain access.

What is the difference between the Structural and the Comprehensive Inspection?

The Structural inspection covers the "envelope" of the house. Structural items such as walls, roof – covering and structure, ceilings and floors. The comprehensive inspection covers the same areas and then goes on to cover fixtures and fittings, ( with the exception of electrical appliances ) layout of the block, outbuildings and cosmetic issues. Both inspections cover the installation only of RCD switches and smoke alarms.

Can I talk to the Inspector?

Yes. We are available to answer any questions you may have about the inspections.

How Long Does An Inspection Take?

Timing depends on the on the size and condition of the house. Usually we take from 1 l/2 to 2 hours.

Can I Inspect the Property Myself?

You can if you wish but – do you have the years of experience that a Registered Builder has? We take the emotion out of it – and present an unbiased inspection.

Is an Inspection Necessary for New Construction?

The vast majority of Builders show a great attention to detail and customer service – but – problems do happen. For peace of mind ArrowPoint offers an independent property inspection designed to identify defects that need to be rectified before you take possession.

Can a Property fail an Inspection?

No. We inspect and report on the current condition of the property. If there are problems we note them but if the property is in good condition – we also make note of that.

Do I Get A Guarantee?

The inspection is a record of the current condition of accessible areas of the property and is not a guarantee or a warranty.

How much notice do you need and when will we receive out report?

We can conduct most inspections within 2–3 days of notification. If the property has a tenant the Real Estate agent will need to give then sufficient notice of our visit. We will then email the report within two working days of completion and then post the written copy to you.

Do the reports include photos?

We include all photos of the condition of the building – this includes defects as well as general condition. Note : In the case of an older home with many problems – we cannot include absolutely every nut and bolt – but will include photos that represent the overall condition and make note of the problems.

Do you offer a verbal report only?

No! Our reports have been used to negotiate a revised purchase price. You cannot do this on a verbal report only.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Perth metropolitan area as well as the outlining new developments.

In addition

Potential Tree Damage

We report on areas of potential problems where we see them. For example : trees that will cause future damage.