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Types of Inspections

Building inspection

ArrowPoint examines every part of the property that is exposed to view.

We examine the roof – from outside and inside the roof space, the sub floor – where accessible, general block condition, and every individual room.

Overseas clients We also work on behalf of interstate or overseas residence purchasing or building within Western Australia.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspections JUST MAKE SENSE!

Engaging the services of an impartial inspector provides you with peace of mind when purchasing your largest personal investment – your future home!

Commissioning a Pre-Purchase Report, either Structural Only or Full Comprehensive, will ensure the property that you are purchasing will have no hidden structural defects or maintenance items that will be costly if not exposed prior to the settlement of the home.

  • Reduce costly surprises and allows you to negotiate with confidence
  • Advise on future renovations.

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Pre-Sale/Pre-Auction Reports

Before you put your property on the market it is important to know if there are any problems. This allows you to make necessary repairs or to negotiate with potential buyers. We off two different types of reports – depending on the age of the building and your personal requirements.

  • Structurally only report.
  • Comprehensive report.

New dwelling: Staged Building Reports

We recommend four overall reports – all with reference to your supplied plans and specifications.

You must inform your builder that we will be in attendance throughout the build. We work with the builder to set up times for the inspections.

One : At slab stage – probable the most important.

  • Compliance with BCA and Australian Standards and your supplied plans and specifications.
  • Size and placement on block.
  • Allowance for Plumbing and electrical works.

Two : At plate height – walls completed with roof frame completed.

  • Compliance with BCA and Australian Standards and your supplied plans and specifications
  • Workmanship
  • Vertical and Horizontal levels on walls
  • Room and window size and correct clearances.
  • Construction Integrity – wall ties, brick keying, tie-down straps
  • Exterior – placement of Articulated Joints, Flashings and Weep Holes
  • Lintels – type & size
  • Building in of doors and windows
  • Roof construction – timber or steel and timer trusses.

Three : Lock up stage

  • Plastering, both internal and external
  • First fit Plumbing
  • First fit Electrical
  • Second fix timber.
  • Ceilings – workmanship and quality.
  • First fitting of wet areas and correct waterproofing.
  • Eaves, gutters and downpipes.

Four : At Practical Completion Stage

  • Celings and cornices – workmanship and finish
  • Walls and skirting boards finishes
  • Doors and windows – correct placement and operation
  • Cabinetry – condition and installation
  • Baths, showers and vanities – correct installion and support
  • Water flow from all outlets
  • Plumbing finishes and fixtures – installion only
  • Electrical finishes, fittings and fixtures – installation only.
  • Floor and wall tiling – workmanship
  • Paint coatings and wall finishes
  • Inbuilt appliances – installation only.

Pre Practical Handover Reports

The vast majority of Builders show a great attention to detail and customer service – but – problems can happen during a build.

  • For peace of mind ArrowPoint offers an independent property inspection designed to identify defects that need to be rectified before you take possession.
  • We cover adherence to your plans and specifications, Australian Building Codes, Australian Standards and accepted building practices.

Maintenance Inspection Reports

Acting on your behalf we are able to answer your question concerning potential problems.

  • After the building process – maintenance of your property is essential.
  • We come back for your 3–6 months maintenance report.
  • We prepare a report you can take to your builder.

Private Landlords

  • Rental property
  • We prepare a report on the condition of your rental property at change of tenancy.
  • Full of photos of the existing condition.

Special Purpose Reports / Workmanship Inspection

For your one-off reports – i.e. if there is a moisture problem, sagging ceilings or cracking or any areas of special concerns to you. Have you had work done and you are not happy with the finished product? We will inspect the completed work and advise you if it is completed to Australian Building Codes, Australian Standards and accepted building practices.

Dilapidation Reports

If you are going to build or if building is about to commence on a property near you – you need an unbiased Dilapidation Inspection now!!! Builders – don't do your own report! Avoid potential conflict of interest.

During construction, the neighbouring properties can sustain damage caused by the process. Inspections should be done before any demolition or siteworks have commenced. We also inspect for any existing or potential problems originating from outside your property i.e. tree roots of nearby building activities. We provide Before and After reports complete with detailed photos loaded on a CD for your ongoing perusal.

Older Buildings

When we inspect older buildings – 20 + years old – we report on the current conditions, taking into account the building requirements that were in place at the time of construction.

If we believe there is a potential problem with structurally integrity because of building practices we will mention this and recommend any remedial work required.

These items may include ....

  • Timber roof framing.
  • Balustrades for steps ( over 1 mt. high ) and balconies.