Why You Should Consider the Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

When you buy a home, the last thing you want to do is have to pay for a pre-purchase building inspection. If you are concerned about this issue, you should be. Most people who choose to purchase a home without an inspection are doing so because they think that a pre-purchase inspection will cost them too much money. However, this is simply not true. It can often save you thousands of dollars on home buying or property management fees.


Pre purchase building inspection experts cover four major areas: the exterior; the foundation; electrical and heating systems; and the mechanical and plumbing systems inside the house. A report typically takes up to four working days to complete. However, a thorough building report can sometimes take up to six working days to finish and for this reason, it can be pretty expensive. 

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

A pre-purchase building inspection is required because it allows a home inspector to identify and document the major flaws in your home. These flaws can include structural problems, damage to walls, windows, doors, flooring, ceilings, appliances, roofing, cabinets, pipes, ductwork, insulation, electrical wiring, and heating and cooling system components (HVAC, refrigerant gas, and air conditioning). 

Possible Problems

If you have minor issues detected in the pre-purchase building inspection report that do not affect the overall health of the property, you can usually get by with simple cleaning and repairing. Minor issues can often be corrected without costing you much more than the value of the home. 

On the other hand, if you find major problems in the report, such as failing foundation or bad fuses, you might need to call in a professional inspector to fully investigate the problem. Common problems found during a pre-purchase building inspection may include problems with ceiling insulation, faulty roofing materials, leaks in the HVAC system, and rising dampness or mould. 

These types of failures typically require extensive repairs. Also, having faulty roofs or missing windows can be extremely detrimental to the safety of any home. A professional inspector can spot problems with missing or faulty roofs that present a real threat to your safety and can give you advice on how to fix them, as well as advise you on how to avoid problems in the future.

Sometimes, the pre-purchase building inspection report will contain a recommendation to repair existing structural defects. This is usually the last option offered by the inspector. Often, if a structural issue is not resolved, your home will not be allowed to go on the market until the structural issues have been resolved. 

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Fixing the Problems

Although some structural defects can be resolved over time, it is better to try and avoid larger problems before they become a huge headache. If you do decide to go with a more permanent repair option, such as replacing damaged windows or doors, the cost of the work will likely be covered by the warranty of your home.

It’s important to realize that pre-purchase building inspections don’t necessarily mean you’re buying a ‘flimsy’ home. Many of the best new homes constructed today are in perfect condition. The reason for this is because these builders use the pre-purchase inspection process as a way to make sure their clients receive only high-quality construction. Buyers can rest assured that the home they choose will be built to withstand the harshest of conditions.

So whether you’re buying your first house, or are hoping to move up to a bigger house, the pre-purchase building inspection is an excellent way to ensure you’ll end up with the perfect home. By using a home inspector who is well versed in pre-purchase issues, you can rest easy knowing your dream home will come to you without any costly delays or problems. Once the deal is sealed, all you need to worry about is moving in!

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